It is with regret that we announce that the website has been closed.

We recommend that you review the following and take appropriate action.

Place an ad in The Arizona Daily Star's Lost and Found section at 573-4343. There is usually no charge for this service.
Remember to withhold some details about the animal to use to verify that any one claiming to be the owner is,
in fact, really the owner of the animal.
Check the Lost ads to see if any match the description of the found animal.

Check out - Craig's List

Contact the Humane Society's Lost and Found Department at 327-6088, extension 111, and
notify them of the animal's description so that they may check it against their records of animals being reported lost.
Humane Society

Then call the Pima Animal Control Center at 243-5900 and provide a "Found" animal report.

Thanks for caring!