long-haired chihuahua

How much hair a long-haired chihuahua can shed

People are often wondering if a long-haired chihuahua sheds more than a regular short-haired one. The cuteness of these long-haired miniature dogs is to die for. That being said, is it a lot of work to manage a fluffy ball that’s going to shed.

Why the adorable chiweenies dogs are the ultimate companions

Are Chiweenies Dogs the best companions?

Are you thinking about adopting a small dog? Chiweenies are one of the best options for having a cute little dog at home. Not only are they teeny-weeny but they are loyal and active as well. If you live in a small apartment and are looking for a dog to be your company, consider this …

The stunning Halloween Moon Crab

The Halloween Moon Crab: a new trendy pet

Some of you might love eating seafood. The taste of squid, fish, prawn, or crab with some spicy sauce is just unforgettable. However, some people love sea animals differently. Have you ever heard about getting a Halloween Moon crab as a pet? This crab is very unique due to its outstanding colors and friendly behavior. …

Pygmy goats running in the yard

Top 5 miniature goats you can pet

We all know that goats are farm animals, but, have you ever wondered if you can turn a goat into a domestic pet? If it is not too big, one could think that it is in fact, not such a silly idea after all. Surprisingly, many goat breeds can be potentially affected by a genetic …

Snakes can be great pets

How do snakes poop?

Have you ever wondered how snakes poop? Where and when do they poop? Isn’t it an interesting question? As the snakes do not have a bottom exit, it is indeed a curious process. It is true that the number 2 (or in other words, defecating) is a necessary part of our routine. Indeed, if humans …

Young Treeing Tennessee

Top 10 Distinctive Brindle Dog Breeds

The Brindle dog breed refers to dogs with a tiger-striped coat pattern characterized by a brown base color, overlaid with dark brown to black stripes. Some breeds also have silver tan, blue stripes, or little points. The brindle marking can cover the whole body or sometimes only a small portion of the body. Many dog …

Tuna fish is some good food for your dog

Can I feed my dog tuna fish?

Dogs have always been our best companions. On top of being affectionate, they are our unconditionally loyal friends. Although dogs are like family members, we often wonder if we feed them properly. For you, we searched the web to gather the most popular questions. The common recurring questions that we found in the forums of …