The stunning Halloween Moon Crab

The Halloween Moon Crab: a new trendy pet

Some of you might love eating seafood. The taste of squid, fish, prawn, or crab with some spicy sauce is just unforgettable. However, some people love sea animals differently. Have you ever heard about getting a Halloween Moon crab as a pet? This crab is very unique due to its outstanding colors and friendly behavior. In this article, we are going to talk about not only the Halloween Moon crab’s origin but also how to take care of one at home and what food you should give to your lovely crab. Let’s begin!

Where does the Halloween Moon crab come from?

First, you have to know what a Halloween Moon Crab is. Also nicknamed the Halloween Hermit crab, it originated from the Pacific coast. Furthermore, we can usually find it in mangroves from Mexico to Panama. The Halloween Moon Crab is a nocturnal animal that got a lot of fame due to its unique colorful shell and its longer lifespan compared to other crab species. Indeed, it has such a long lifespan, that it can live up to 8 to 10 years. It is famous as it has a black carapace with jack-o’-lantern orange legs and scary purple claws.

Is the Halloween Moon Crab dangerous?

Although this crab is very cute, don’t get fooled, Halloween crabs love fighting and they sometimes beat another crab to death! That is why it should be raised separately. Furthermore, it could hurt you if you put your uninvited finger in the wrong place. As for its size, it can grow anywhere from 2 to 2.5 inches.

How to manage my Halloween Moon Crab while it’s molting?

Last but not least, it can also go through molting and brumation. The molting process is the process in which the old shell falls to make place for a new one. The latter can happen once or twice a year. We suggest you provide some shady areas for your little crab during the molting process and not disturb it while it is hiding. After the molting is completed, it will need a lot of calcium and other nutrients. Therefore, it likes to eat its own skin! Thus, leave the old skin in the tank. As for the crab’s brumation, it happens when it is in an inadequate environment and it will go through a dormant phase.

How to pet a Halloween Moon crab

To take care of a Halloween Moon crab is just like taking care of other pets. Halloween Moon crabs do need special affection and care. Here are 5 important things that you have to prepare for your crab:

What food does a Halloween Moon Crab like?

Halloween Moon crabs are herbivorous. Therefore, they like to consume dead leaves and saplings. You can also feed them fruits that they would find in their natural environments such as mangoes, papayas, or coconuts. They can also get proper nutrients from vegetables. Cooked meat is all good for them, but not too much. Take note that the meat should be cooked thoroughly, otherwise, your crab could get sick.

What habitat for my Halloween Moon Crab pet?

This crab can live in a 15 to 20-gallon aquarium. When it grows bigger, you might need to provide a bigger tank. Just keep an eye out for your crab’s behavior and signs. Also, crabs love digging sand with their beautiful claws. That is why you have to provide your crab 4 to 6 inches of thin sand with an additional 3 to 6 inches of moist peat moss.

Moreover, do not forget to put some rocks, rough wood or branches, plastic plants or foliage, and pieces of cork bark. It helps keep a properly humidified environment that the crab needs. Furthermore, it can also be your crab’s shelter, which your crab will need for hiding or sleeping during the daytime, as it is a nighttime animal. Fun tip: coconut shells can be used as their aboveground housing while going through a brumation phase.


You have to make 2 pools which are a freshwater pool for drinking and a saltwater pool for keeping its grills moist at all times. The pools must be wide enough to be climbable for your crab, and also shallow as it cannot swim. Lastly, the humidity’s level should be around 70%


The lightning you should provide is a low-wattage light bulb because it supports high humidity levels. It also helps your crab feel more relaxed, and safe.


A temperature of 80 °F to 85 °F is perfect to let your crab live a healthy life. Furthermore, it should not be under 75 °F or raise above 85 °F.

Now that you are becoming a real crab expert, we hope that you and your Halloween Moon Crab will have plenty of cute moments together. Just remember, don’t stick your fingers in the wrong places, even if they are small, they still have claws!

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