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The ultimate quiz for the big fans of Harry Potter’s Owls

As Harry Potter is one of the most famous series in the world, many of us like to explore its lore and creatures. In the series, several characters own a pet of some sort. Our main protagonist, for instance, gets his very own owl at the beginning of his adventure. Ron Weasley, Percy Weasley, as well as Draco Malfoy, all get an owl of their own at some point in the story. Therefore, we decided to test your magic skills with this fun quiz. With the latter, we will see how much you really know about their owls. Afterward, we invite you to try this quiz with your friends and family. Let’s begin the test and enjoy!

General Quiz – The various owls of the Harry Potter series

First thing first, let’s start with general questions about the owls from the series. Here are five questions for warming you up:

1. What do the owls do with the money collected?

The correct answer: In fact, the money is not necessarily for the owls, but for their delivery business which means they are simply collecting money on behalf of their employer.

2. Why does it have to be an owl instead of any other bird?

The correct answer: According to JK Rowling, owls have been related to magic for a very long time and have been presented in many illustrations. Rowling has been fascinated with owls since her mother made a toy inspired by these fantastic birds for her.

3. What objective did the owl’s serve in Harry Potter?

The correct answer: The owls have mainly been used for communication throughout the land of Hogwarts. They are also pets for serving students and wizards. Moreover, having an owl in the magician world reflects a status symbol and the owner’s wealth.

4. What is the symbol of eagle owls in Harry Potter?

The correct answer: Eagle owls in Harry Potter symbolize luxury. For example, Malfoy owned an eagle owl. That said, they are also used for carrying heavy packages.

5. Is it legal in reality to cage the owls as it is shown in Harry Potter?

The correct answer: It is actually illegal to put an owl in a birdcage. There have been many cases of owl cruelty just for copying the Harry Potter series.

Easy Quiz – Harry Potter’s owl

Here are two questions about Harry Potter’s owl:

1. How does Harry Potter’s owl is named?

The correct answer: Harry Potter’s owl is called Hedwig.

2. What is the species of Harry Potter’s owl?

The correct answer: Harry Potter’s owl is a Snowy Owl. It is a large white owl that is native to arctic regions in North America and Eurasia.

Harder Quiz – Weasley family’s owl

Here are three questions about the Weasley family’s owl:

1. How does the Weasley family’s owl is named?

The correct answer: The Weasley family’s owl is named Errol.

2. What is the species of the Weasley family’s owl?

The correct answer: Do you know that one? The Great Grey Owl comes under the most abundant species of owl. Even though they are bigger than Snowy Owls, they weigh less than the latter. Their wingspan and toes are also thinner than other owl species. Furthermore, they are from the Northern Hemisphere and like to eat meadow voles. Finally, the Great Grey Owl cannot carry heavyweight as it is pretty light in weight itself.

3. What’s the personality of the Weasley family’s owl, Errol?

The correct answer: Errol is very clumsy by nature. It cannot carry loads because of his aging and low weight. Most of its chores are often finished by others’ assistance. Their owl is very old and sometimes found unconscious after crashing into something or just passing out from exhaustion. The poor thing!

Tough Quiz – Ron Weasley’s owl

As his previous pet – a rat turned into a human being – left him, an owl was gifted to Ron by Sirius Black. Here are two questions about Ron Weasley’s owl:

1. What’s the name of Ron Weasley’s owl?

The correct answer: Pigwidgeon is the name of Ron Weasley’s owl.

2. What is the species of Ron Weasley’s owl?

The correct answer: Pigwidgeon is an Athene Noctua. Pigwidgeon means small or petty. It is also called Little Owl. This type of owl is mostly found in warmer parts of Eurasia, Korea, and parts of Africa. It likes to eat insects, earthworms, and small vertebrates. The Little Owl is famous in Greek mythology as the sacred owl of the goddess Athena and can also be found on ancient Greek coins.

Dark Quiz – Draco Malfoy’s owl

Here are two questions about Draco Malfoy’s owl:

1. What is the name of Draco Malfoy’s owl?

The correct answer: Ulysses is the name of Draco Malfoy’s owl.

2. What is the species of Draco Malfoy’s owl?

The correct answer: As we have already mentioned above, Draco Malfoy is a rich kid, and of course he has a Eurasian Eagle-owl! This variety can be found everywhere in Eurasia. It is smaller than a Golden Eagle but larger than a Snowy Eagle.

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