The importance of exercise for your dog's health
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Why is a dog treadmill important for your puppy?

For their well-being, puppies need to exercise regularly, otherwise, they are prone to have health problems in the future due to obesity. It is advised to find some outdoor activities for your dogs, and for urban dweller owners, a dog treadmill can be an excellent solution as well. In this article, we will explain why a treadmill is recommended, how does it work, as well as how to properly train your lovely furry friend.

What’s a dog treadmill?

A dog treadmill is a device consisting of an endless running belt, designed particularly for four-legged animals, for their indoor cardio training. It looks quite similar to a human treadmill. However, many specialists don’t recommend letting your dog run on a common treadmill for security reasons. To be clearer, here are the major differences between the two:

Size and running bait’s length.

Treadmills for canines are generally wider and also provide a longer running belt since our four-legged friends, especially large dog breeds, have a much longer gait than humans.

Speed mode

For small dogs breeds, they need a special slower speed that suits their body movement better. This function is not available in human treadmills.

No gap between side-rails and the belt

Human work-out machines usually have a gap between the edge of the belt and the side of the treadmill while a good dog treadmill doesn’t. It is an important issue that you should consider because the paws and claws of your little buddy might accidentally get stuck in this gap and cause serious injuries.

Additional side-rails

Unlike a human treadmill, the one specially made for dogs typically provides secure side rails to prevent accidents.

Why does your dog need a treadmill workout?

A treadmill has become progressively popular in recent years because of its multiple functions and its space-saving portable design. Besides, a regular treadmill workout is also advised for many reasons as below:

Healthier physical condition

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over 50% of dogs in the United States have obesity problems and this can lead to easy fatigue, arthritis, heart diseases, and much more. The primary factors of overweight in pets mainly come from lack of physical activity as well as excessive feeding. Therefore, let’s get a treadmill for your four-legged buddy and set his or her daily exercising plan!

Mental health improvement

A workout routine helps boost your little puppy’s mood and combat anxiety. In addition, it can also prevent undesirable behaviors relating to boredom such as barking excessively, chewing furniture, or attacking your beloved plants in the garden!

Better concentration

If you have trouble controlling your hyperactive dogs, just let them pace on a treadmill for about 15-30 minutes per day, and you will be surprised that puppies can focus better on obedience training and consequently learn new orders quicker.

How to train your dog with a treadmill?

Once you got a dog treadmill in your house, now it’s time to start a training session for your pet by following these steps below:

  • Bring your dog to the treadmill and begin with the slowest speed for the first time.
  • When it becomes more comfortable with the machine, you can speed up the moving treadmill gradually. However, be wary of overdoing it.
  • Always notice your dog’s movement and set the speed in accordance with its pace.
  • During the running session, keep encouraging your dog because your compliment is what every dog wishes for.
  • Most importantly, you should supervise your pet and never leave him/her alone on the machine.
  • Separate training into short sessions.
  • Before the end of the workout, allow your companion to walk slowly to cool down.
  • Repeat all the steps above every day.

What are the best dog treadmills in 2021?

There is no doubt that exercising is important for our lovely pets and a treadmill is a great alternative choice for indoor activities. Thus, if you are looking for a high-quality one for your furry friend, we have listed the top 3 recommended dog treadmills below:

DogPACER LF 3.1 Full Size

The dogPACER is one of the best pet treadmills and also offers a variety of models for different dog sizes. For large canine breeds, we recommend the LF 3.1 consisting of a 71 x 16.5 inches running belt. Moreover, this one is also made of break-away steel and is incredibly lightweight. Most importantly, it also features several training programs and allows you to customize it as you please.

Goplus brand

Goplus is another high-quality and affordable treadmill, suitable for small to medium-size dogs. The best part of this model is that it offers multiple modes of training as well as being adjustable in height and speed. Additionally, it also features a remote control for your convenience and a 14-Inch LCD that shows workout programs, current speed, distance, time, and burnt calories.


Lastly, the DogTread brand is ideal for small dog breeds and puppies weighing 30 pounds maximum. The latter provides a 30 x 14 inches running path and comes with an LCD console and remote control as well. Furthermore, the features we like the most about this premium treadmill are the whisper-quiet motor and the classy design.

Dogs are naturally active and playful creatures so exercising will not only make them healthier but also happier. Besides, for every puppy parent, you should be wary of overfeeding them as well. Take care of your lovely puppies with love since they will always be your most loyal companions forever!

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